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Switchable Transfer Valve

  • Allows an internal link between adjacent chambers to be switched open or closed
  • Allows high flow between chambers during inflation and deflation
  • Positive stop between open and closed setting
  • Maintenance free
  • Robust and leak tight
  • Operational temperature range of -30°c to +65°C
  • Clamps into fabric of tube and baffle

The patented Switchable Transfer Valve allows intercommunication between adjacent chambers of an inflatable boat. This intercommunicating valve can be opened and closed by rotating a control mounted on the outside of the tube. The design of the control gives a quick visual indication of the position of the valve, and it can be gripped easily. The Valve provides a high flow with a clear 24mm diameter between chambers.

Installation of the Valve is straightforward – it clamps onto the fabric. It is suitable for use with a wide range of fabrics. The Valve assembly is flexible to minimise packed size of the boat.

There is no need for routine maintenance due to the design and the materials used.

Information Sheets

Switchable Transfer Valve Installation Sheet

STV Product Brochure

STV Tooling Brochure

The above documents are in PDF format. To view these please use Adobe Reader.

Accessories and Service Tools

Switchable Transfer Valve Service Tools

STV Service Tools -
TM2737 - Bottom Spanner
TM2582 - Top Spanner

  • Used to install the Switch unit into the chamber fabric.
  • Used to install the baffle adaptor into the baffle.
Switchable Transfer Valve Hose Removal Tool

STV Hose Removal Tool - TM2747

  • This tool allows the removal of the hose snap fit connector from the baffle mounting.

Pressure Conversion Chart

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