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B10 Pressure Relief Valve

  • Very high flow rate.
  • ISO 15738 approved for SOLAS liferafts.
  • Very smooth external profile.
  • 100% tested for opening and closing pressures during production.
  • –30ºC to +65 ºC operating temperature.
  • Rugged, design to ensure long life.
  • Low, smooth internal profile to protect fabric when deflated.
  • Plug option available.
  • Rapid installation with clamp fitting – no welding or adhesive required.

The recently introduced B10 valve replaces our successful A10 valve, offering higher flow and a much smoother external profile. The B10 valve is now well established as the market leading pressure relief valve for SOLAS liferafts and Marine Evacuation Systems. This valve is also ideal for applications such as lifting bags, oil booms and large inflatable structures where high flows are required.

The valves are clearly marked with batch number and pressure setting. A wide range of pressure settings is available – please see Pressure Selection Chart.

It is also available as a non-return valve with a nominal opening pressure of 0.25psi (0.017bar).

The B10 can be supplied with an attached plug or with the plug separately.

Accessories and Service Tools

B10 Factory Fitting Tools

B10 Factory Fitting Tool - TM2582

  • B10 Factory Spanner.
  • Used in conjunction with a torque spanner to ensure that the correct tightening torque is applied, consistently, every time when installing the valve.
  • Avoids damaging the valve during tightening.
B10 Valve Cap

B10 Cap

  • Designed to remain airtight to at least 8 p.s.i.
B10 High Pressure Cap

B10 High Pressure Cap

  • For use when testing at over 8 p.s.i.

Pressure Conversion Chart

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