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A6 Pressure Relief Valve

  • Very smooth low profile.
  • Rugged and Reliable.
  • Materials used have high UV resistance.
  • Protects the structure from over inflation and excess pressure build up due to solar heat.
  • 100% tested for opening and closing pressures.
  • High flow for size.
  • Approved to ISO 9650 and ISO 15738 as a transfer valve.
  • Rapid installation with clamp fitting – no welding or adhesive required.
  • –30ºC to +65 ºC operating temperature.
  • Easy removal if necessary for cleaning.

This compact, rugged and reliable Pressure Relief Valve has become a firm favourite with many manufacturers of leisure liferafts, RIBs and river rafts around the world. It is ideal for any application where compactness and reliability are critical. The opening and closing pressures are accurately pre-set and repeatable.

A filter cap is available for use in environments where contamination is possible e.g. river rafts. This prevents contamination without affecting the pressure relief function.

A range of pressure settings is available (see selection chart). The valves are marked with a batch number, date and pressure setting.

The valve is available in grey, black or white. We can provide a black or red plug where a secondary seal is required, for example in life raft applications.

It is also available as a non-return valve only with a nominal opening pressure of 0.29psi (0.02bar).

Accessories and Service Tools

C7/A6 Toolkit Spanner

D7/C7/A6/A9 Toolkit Spanner - C166051

  • Small, low cost spanner for use in the field or as part of a spares kit.
  • For use on a D7, C7 valves and A6, A9 Pressure relief valves.
  • Cannot be used with a torque wrench.
Black A6 Valve with Plug

A6 Valve Plug

  • Provides an effective secondary seal on the valve. This is a requirement for some life raft approvals. This cap can also be useful in preventing air loss through the pressure relief valve when an inflatable chamber is experiencing heavy impacts in rough seas which can cause pressure spikes.
  • Available in Black or Red.
  • Highly resistant to Ozone, oil and other contaminants.
  • Please note that with the plug in place the valve is no longer able to function as a pressure relief valve.
A6 Valve Grooved Filler Cap

A6 Filter Cap

  • For use in environments where contamination is possible e.g. river rafts.
  • Ultrafine mesh prevents contamination without affecting the pressure relief function.
  • Ideal to ensure that the valve continues to seal effectively in sandy or muddy environments.
  • Easily removed for cleaning.
A6 Valve Factory Fitting Tools

A6 Factory Fitting Tools - TMC1040

  • Used in conjunction with a torque spanner to ensure that the correct tightening torque is applied, consistently, every time when installing the valve.
  • Avoids damaging the valve during tightening.

Pressure Conversion Chart

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