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A3 Pressure Relief Valve

  • Sensitive valve with rapid opening.
  • High flow rate.
  • ISO 15738 approved for SOLAS liferafts.
  • 100% tested for opening and reseat pressures during production.
  • Rugged, design to ensure long life.
  • Smooth profile to protect fabric when deflated.
  • Plug available.
  • Bonds into fabric.

The A3 was first produced in 1965 as a Pressure Relief Valve for SOLAS type liferafts. The new B10 valve is now the favoured valve for this application.

However, due to the high sensitivity of the A3 Valve it is still ideal for close control of pressures in large structures. This is due to the opening and closing pressures on the valve being very close together.

The A3 Valve is available in a version that allows topping-up through the valve – please ask for the A3 SRTU type Valve.

The bonded flange is available in natural rubber for low temperature from –40ºC to +65ºC or in Neoprene for –35ºC to +65ºC.

A wide range of pressure settings is available – please see Pressure Selection Chart.

Information Sheets

A3 Approval Certificate

A3 Installation Sheet

Pressure Selection Chart

The above documents are in PDF format. To view these please use Adobe Reader.

Accessories and Service Tools

A3 Valve Plug

A3 Valve Plug

  • Effective secondary seal.
  • Normally provided in the Repair Kit of a SOLAS raft. 

Pressure Conversion Chart

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