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C7 Inflation / Deflation Valve

  • Smooth, low profile.
  • Rugged.
  • 100% leak tested during production.
  • Quality materials to ensure long life.
  • Smooth internal profile to protect fabric when deflated.
  • Cap acts as a secondary seal.
  • Core can be removed from the outside of the tube.

See the new D7 valve in our product pages.

The C7 valve has become the preferred inflatable boat valve for use in demanding applications such as Military and Commercial RIBs, River rafts and Inflatable Boats.  Its stylish appearance has also won it many fans in the luxury RIB and tender market.

When the cap is fitted the rugged retaining strap is hidden from view to prevent snagging on other equipment.

Simple cap replacement - it does not require the valve to be removed.

The seal is designed so that it wipes the seal surface as it operates; this reduces leakage due to dirt contamination.

The valve is available in grey or black. Caps are available in grey, black, white or yellow.

We can put your company logo on the cap, subject to a minimum quantity and tooling charge.


Information Sheets

Accessories and Service Tools

Pump Hose Fittings

D7/C7 Pump Hose Fitting

  • Screw in hose adaptor ensures positive, leak tight location of the hose during inflation.
  • Available in Ø16mm or Ø20mm sizes.
  • Fits D7 & C7 valve only.
Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

  • 0 – 8.5 range or 0 - 20 PSI range, high accuracy.
  • Ideal for ensuring the optimum performance of your RIB and Raft.
  • Can be used with any Leafield Inflation / Deflation valve.
  • Rugged.
  • Stainless steel housing with a damped shock resistant mechanism.
  • Protected by the rubber shock-absorbing cover.
C7 Factory Fitting Tools

D7/C7 Factory Fitting Tools - 0710002

  • D7/C7 Factory Spanner.
  • Used in conjunction with a torque spanner to ensure that the correct tightening torque is applied, consistently, every time when installing the valve.
  • Avoids damaging the valve during tightening.
C7/A6 Toolkit Spanner

D7/C7/A6/A9 Toolkit Spanner - C166051

  • Small, low cost spanner for use in the field or as part of a spares kit.
  • For use on a D7, C7 valves and A6, A9 Pressure relief valves.
  • Cannot be used with a torque wrench.

Electric Pump

  • We do not supply pumps but can recommend the following electric pump
  • Available from Man of Rubber River Gear (Distributor)
  • River Gear Pump

Pressure Conversion Chart

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