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Gas Inlet Valve (GIV Type)

  • Wide range of jet sizes available to allow flow to be matched to the size of the structures being inflated.
  • Designed to minimise ice formation in the system when used with the GIS Cylinder Valve.
  • Incorporates a non-return valve to prevent potential loss of pressure from the structure after inflation.
  • Rugged design.
  • Rapid fitting to a wide range of fabrics.

The Inlet Valves clamp into the fabric of the inflatable structure and allow efficient and controlled transfer of high-pressure gas through hoses from the Cylinder Valve into the structure.

Leafield Marine are very happy to assist in the selection of appropriate jet sizes for your applications.

Several different arrangements of Gas Inlet Valve have been developed to cover a wide range of applications. See Accessories and Variants below.

Please also see our later product GIVT type Gas Inlet Valve.

Information Sheets

Gas Inlet Valve (GIV Banjo Bolt type) Installation Sheet

The above documents are in PDF format. To view these please use Adobe Reader.

Accessories and Variants

Gas inlet valve with banjo bolt fitted

Gas Inlet Valve – Banjo Version

This version of the GIV has been designed to accept a 14mm bore banjo hose fitting, using the Leafield Marine Banjo Bolt (the Banjo Bolt must be ordered separately). This is the version of the GIV most commonly used on liferafts.

3/8 inch bsp version of gas inlet valve

Gas Inlet Valve - 3/8" Version

This option allows a female 3/8 G flat faced hose connection to be fitted directly to the Gas Inlet Valve without a Banjo Bolt. This version is often used on RIB Self Righting bags.

Pressure Conversion Chart

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